God, Angels, Prophets

Encountering Islam: a Guide for Christians

Grace Episcopal Church: Christian Formation – Week 3

David Vila

I. Why Study Islam?

A. Cause Jesus says so!

B. Bear faithful witness to the Gospel

C. Lead richer, fuller lives

D. We Can Learn From Other Traditions

II. How Can we Learn from Islam?

A. What is learning?

a. Shift in emphasis

b. Seeing a new aspect of an old idea

c. Teasing out implications of an existing idea

B. Where is Truth found?

a. All Truth is God’s Truth

b. All people are made in God’s image

c. All people live in God’s world – see God’s revelation

C. Significant Jewish/Christian presence in Arabia

III. What is Islam?

A. Pristine Islam

B. Embodied Islam

C. Orthodoxy & Orthopraxy

D. The Basics: The Five Articles of Faith: God

a. God is ONE – Tawhid

b. What does God Do? – God’s actions

c. What is God Like? – God’s character, 99 names

d. Question: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

E. The Basics: The Five Articles of Faith: Angels

a. Angels

i. Gabriel

ii. Munkar & Nakir

iii. Iblis

b. Jinn

F. The Basics: The Five Articles of Faith: Prophets & Messengers

a. Prophets

i. Biblical – Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Moses, David, Jonah, Jesus (Mary?, Sarah?)

ii. Extra-biblical – Hud (people of Ad), Saleh (people of Thamud)

b. Messengers

i. Moses, David, Jesus, (Abraham?)

ii. Muhammad – Seal of the Prophets